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The Rebyl

The Rebyl

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Dive into a daring utopia where the pulse of Nijmegen beats with a different rhythm, where the air is charged with rebellious thinking and transcendent ambition. The Rebyl isn't just a place; it's a movement. A space where the young urbanite's spirit finds its echo in every corner, where human meets human, rebel meets scholar, and talent collides with education to forge something extraordinary!

We are The Rebyl, and we are scouting for a leader—someone who embodies our ethos of being inclusively progressive yet unapologetically pretentious; someone who thrives on being extreme yet remains inspirational; a figure who is daring, rebellious, and ambitiously creative. Our quest is not for the faint-hearted.





Property Location

Netherlands, Gelderland, Nijmegen, 6524 AG, Vierdaagseplein 1

Our vacancies

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