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Accounting Trainee - Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel

Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel



To learn the administrative work related to the accounting of the hotel and to help in its realization. Assist the accounting department in all its tasks. The intern works on a daily basis with all the employees of the department in order to master all the facets of the profession.




Accounts receivable:

City ledger:

• Check and send CL invoices to travel agencies, companies...

• Handle complaints about CL (missing voucher, booking dates, room rate, number of people

• Prepare credit memos related to billing errors

• File the invoices to be paid

• Reconcile and send monthly invoice statements specific to certain airlines or travel agencies

Credit card:

• Answering the customer's requests (double payment, sending copies of invoices ...)

• Prepare customer refunds

• Handle CC complaints that the client makes through the credit


Income Audit / Bank management:

• Check revenues for each department (Banquet, Restaurant, Front office ...)

• Preparing sales reports and sending them to department heads and compiling room and F & B statistics

• Check loyalty points, gratuities, rebates...

• Apply payments of customer invoices paid by bank transfer or by check (work in collaboration with the Credit Manager)

• Encode credit card payments and reconcile each day

• Classify paid invoices

Credit management:

• Handle complaints, requests for credit notes, problems with billing

• Verify payments made by bank transfer to our account, and reconcile them (working in collaboration with General Casher)

• Manage down payments for upcoming events and / or bookings (retrieve contracts, pro-forma invoices, etc.)

• Send reminders for unpaid invoices to more than 30 days.


This list is subject to change




• Master French and English. Knowledge of Dutch is a plus.

• Be comfortable with computer tools (Microsoft, Excel, Eclipse)


The trainee must demonstrate the following skills:

• Have learning facilities and be effective

• Be rigorous

• Good oral and written communication skills

• Attractiveness for numbers




The Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel offers you the opportunity to join the Marriott group and to immerse yourself in its values, which are open to the whole world, in order to develop an international professional career.


During your internship period, you will be entitled to:


•       An allowance of 550€ /month (overseas students) and 350€ (Belgian students)

•       5 pieces of clothes to clean/week

•       Meals during working hours

•       Transportation from the hotel to the residence in Belgium  

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