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Food & Beverage Supervisor - Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel

Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel and Conference Center

As a Supervisor your responsibility is to lead the F&B associates to an excellent service in cooperation with our standard operating procedures. Your are the main driver of the department to exceed in excellence together with your colleagues to give the guest the ultimate product experience.

In this job you are 90% operational and 10% keeps you busy with admin tasks.

Main tasks & Responsibilities

  • Maintain a pleasant work environment and relationship with your fellow associates

  • Maintain a consistent high level of service for our guests

  • Responsible for adequate clotting and appearance and expecting the same from your colleagues

  • Taking care of all hospitality related tasks that we can expect from a Supervisor

Front of House 90%

  • Taking care of Mise en place tasks

  • Taking care of the cleaning and overall cleanliness of the restaurant

  • Taking care of the par stock and make sure sufficient material is in place

  • Making sure the orders are in the system and done correct. Payment. control and correct end of shift administration followed by our SOP.

  • Making sure internal orders are done on time and spillage is being noted.

  • Assist in controlling department supplies

  • Keep clear communication during shift with kitchen

  • Note and communicate repairs that need to be done to your department manager.

  • Take care of correct behavior towards our guests and associates

  • Taking care of correct and professional behavior towards our guest as well as complain handling of difficulties with guests and associates.

  • Make sure that friendly, professional and swift service is giving at any moment

  • The welcoming of guests, explain and taking orders on any giving moment on guests account

  • Preventing of complaints and handling of complaints.

  • Leading the shift

  • Attend and give daily briefings

  • Make sure that the sop is being followed as set by management.

  • Attending and initiate motivational initiatives to make sure associates are feeling appreciated for their daily input in our organization

  • Develop our associates in their daily responsibilities and make sure they have the knowledge to do their daily tasks in the most efficient way possible

  • Train and develop new associates, trainees and students.

  • Optimize revenues using our QCD board.

Back of House 10%

  • Attend meetings in F&B

  • Attend trainings and courses as the management see fit

  • Assist in keeping up to date operational manuals

  • Produce ideas for improvement of our organization in the fields of staff, structure product and more.

  • Share ideas with Chef de Cuisine for promotional activities

  • Evaluation of F&B associates

  • Keep track of logs and handovers and take action when appropriate

  • Initiate half yearly evaluations with F&B associates

  • Make sure departmental schedules are made and kept up to date

Technical Skills

  • Knowledge of all F&B standards, presentation, service, product and hygiene codes demonstrates a correct and safe use of all materials/equipment

  • Knowledge of all hotel procedures concerning health, safety, and welfare. Knowledge of F&B manuals and associate handbooks

  • Know what you serve

  • Be able to test quality and service standards

Sounds like a fit? What now?

“Quick, send us a message on….” – No, not yet! Take your time. That’s also how we boil our bouillon’s and soups in the kitchen: consciously a little bit slower to get the best quality. First discuss your enthusiasm with friends and family, sleep a night on it and if you are ready, then we are happy to receive your motivation and CV.

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