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Room attendant - Amsterdam Marriott

Amsterdam Marriott Hotel

The impact you’ll make When a guest walks into any of our rooms – imagine that first look around they take. Followed by that sigh of relief because they’ve arrived to their home away from home, be it for a night or a week, and it’s perfect. Everything is exactly in its place. Crisp, pressed linens. Perfectly placed pillows. A sparkling mirror. Every detail adding up to an experience our guests feel great about because they know they’re in good hands while staying with us. That’s the impact you make with your efforts, which become even bigger when those experiences add up and create a loyal customer. The job For our room attendant position we are looking for a responsible person who is a team player and has an eye for detail for cleanliness. You will be fully responsible for servicing the guest’s room to create this clean and comfortable environment. This will involve sanitizing and cleaning within the Marriott’s Commitment to Clean-standards to all spaces within the room. Your tasks will include changing the towels, making the beds, cleaning the bathrooms and floors, removing the trash and dusting and tidying the area. Why you should apply? If all the above mentioned wasn’t enough for you we do still offer another great set of benefits;

  • Personal coaching & training to support you in your day-to-day job;

  • Career possibilities within Marriott International;

  • Endless personal and professional development possibilities in an on- and offline setting;

  • Special discounted rates for 7000+ Marriott hotels worldwide for you, your family and friends;

  • A special discount of 50% in a selection of fine bars and restaurants in 5 star hotel properties in Amsterdam;

  • A TakeCare program; we focus on your emotional, physical and financial well-being by providing many resources, tools, trainings, workshops, and events throughout the year.

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