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Kitchen Intern

The trainee is responsible for carrying out various tasks:

  • Preparations :

    • Helps to prepare all food elements:

    • Clean, wash, peal, cut, chop and cook vegetables (fruits); Prepare garnishes, cold sauces, soups, starters, desserts, salads, etc.; Roast (simple method) and cut.

  • During the service :

    • Assists the Chef/Sous-Chef/Premier Chef de Partie in all preparations and follows instructions.

  • After the service :

    • Clear working environment

    • Ensure that all food items are conserved and hygiene procedures are followed

    • Clean the working area and kitchen utensils

    • Ensure the neatness and cleanliness of the kitchen

    • Respect security norms during work

    • Order/Receive and control merchandise according to instructions received.

  • ...This list isn’t exhaustive!

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