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Sales Intern

Basic Function

To coordinate and assist in the daily work flow and administration in the sales, conference and marketing department.


Duties and Responsibilities

·         Exposure to the daily / weekly / monthly tasks of a Cluster Sales & Marketing office

·         Involved with weekly Sales & Marketing meetings, including revenue meetings

·         Assist with small marketing and promotional projects

·         Assist with monthly data input and analysis to assist the pro-active sales team with their account manage

·         Shadow the pro-active sales managers on appropriate sales calls / site inspections

·         Assist as required with client events.

·         Assist the Sales Coordinator in monitoring monthly working schedule of the staff, vacation schedule, and stationary stock.

·         Assist and in a later stage: conduct site inspections for conventions, weddings and small/large business meetings and Residence.

·         Assist in the Managing of our Marriott Reward loyalty program for local bookers. Edit a yearly event calendar, elaborate and mail their monthly statement with relevant hotel information.

·         Shares the responsibility for maintaining sales files as accurate as possible and in good shape.

·         Assist in the creating of the weekly calendar of the sales appointments.

·         Allocate time to encourage a pro-active sales approach by contacting over the phone corporate prospects for future business (Telemarketing).

·         Assist the Sales & Marketing Assistant in any of his additional tasks, depending on the trainee’s abilities.


The above list is neither exclusive nor exhaustive.  The head of department may ask you other to do other related duties.

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