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EXPLORE MORE: City trips with Maria

Maria Leonard Martis Allround Shiftleader F&B at The Hague Marriott Hotel. She works at the hotel for 10 years now and started as an F&B associate.

Maria loves to travel, and when she and her friend have a free weekend, they immediately seize the opportunity and book a city trip. Since she always uses the explore rate, which Marriott International offers to all associates, she also earns points in the Marriott Bonvoy programme. Currently she has the silver status and is only eleven nights away from reaching the gold tier.

Maria is from the Dominican Republic but loves Europe, she likes to travel to the different places in Germany and Belgium but also likes to visit Paris and Barcelona. And with the explore rate and all the different Marriott hotels in Europe she will be entertained for a while! In Germany she likes to visit Dusseldurf and Berlin, the main focus of her short trips is really exploring the city. Maria, and the cities, really come alive at night. She loves the nightlife and this makes Berlin one of her favourite destinations. She slept at the Marriott hotel there but also visited the Renaissance hotel.

When she was employee of the year she got a voucher and immediately booked a trip to Berlin. There she stayed at the Renaissance Hotel and was received as a true guest of honour. The hotel knew the reason for her visit and offered her exclusive access to the lounge. Maria always feels like she is being given an extra warm welcome!

Her favourite Marriott International brands are Marriott and Renaissance hotels. Renaissance because they are also very focused on nightlife, exactly what Maria is looking for! When she visited the Renaissance hotel in Barcelona she asked one of the employees which bar in the city was recommended and the employee pointed to the bar behind the lobby, "Our bar of course!". She also has a personal connection to the Marriott brand, she has been working there for 10 years and enjoys comparing the different hotels around the world. She gets a lot of inspiration and once she is back she shares with colleagues what she has seen!

Maria is far from finished travelling and I don't think she ever will be. Her next trip is already planned, this time a bit further away from Europe. She is going to visit the A Loft in Dubai, have fun! She also wants to go to Hawaii one day.


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