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International Woman's Day and Woman History Month!

Woman History Month is a celebration month that highlight woman around the world that have contributed to history, culture and society. This month is mainly celebrate in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia. Still, the United Nations designated March 8th, as International Woman’s Day, which can be applicable all around the world. Since 1987, Woman’s History Month has had annual themes. In 2024, the theme being highlighted is woman who advocate for equity, diversity and inclusion. Let’s learn about woman in history who have stood out for the dedication to equity, diversity and inclusion:


Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks was an American Activist that was part of the civil rights movement. She was part of the famous bus driver boycott where she intended to fight against bus segregation. She became a national symbol of the movement against segregation and was named by the United State Congress as the ‘first lady of civil rights.’


Anne Frank

Anne Frank is a German-Jewish girl who was in hiding for a long time because of the Nazi persecution in the Netherlands. She is one of the most discussed Jewish victims in the holocaust as she kept a diary that described all the days in her life while she was hiding with her family in an Amsterdam attic. ‘The Diary of a Young Girl’ in which she documents her life from 1942-1944 is one of the most best-know books and has even been made as theatric plays. Anne Frank’s story has become so emblematic world wide that she is commemorated through status, memorials, charities, educational centers and her own museum in Amsterdam City Center. 



Marie Curie

Marie Curie is a Polish-French Chemist and Physicist who specialized in the field on radioactivity. She discovered the elements of radium and[CI1]  polonium, which was set as groundbreaking knowledge for the advancements in the field of chemistry. She was the first woman in history to win a Nobel Prize, and one of the few people to win to of these prices in her lifetime. Despite this, physicists and chemist disregarded and questioned her discoveries for a long time. Marie Curie is one of the first leading and recognized woman scientists in the world. Her work opened opportunities for years to come to many woman who wanted to pursue a career as scientists.


Alice Sheets Marriott

Alice Sheets Marriott, born in Salt Lake City, Utah, is the co-founder on Marriott International Corporation. Her husband, J.W Marriott and her started their business of Root Beer as newlyweds. Alice found herself managing the business more than she initially intended by keeping the books, gathering recipes for the menu and taking charge of the decorations. As a mother of two, she was still took part in major decisions of the company and was present in events. With her keen attention to detail and wisdom, she helped build and manage the Marriott corporation to what it is today. In addition to her corporate responsibilities, she was also devoted her time to charities and civic institutions.


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