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How to feel your best during cold days

When summer is over, the leaf's fall down and the days are starting to get colder, it can be challenging to keep feeling like your best. We are here to help. Below you can read about our best tips on how to feel your best during those cold days.

1. Food

We all know that eating a healthy balanced diet can help your immune system to work well. During cold times we sometimes have to help our immune system a bit in order we don't get a cold. it could really help to try to eat about t least five portions of fruit and vegetables per day.

We invite you to have fun with food and try new healthy winter meals like homemade soups, stews, curries and casseroles packed with lots of vegetables. Remember that frozen or tinned fruit and vegetables (if there’s no added salt or sugar) are just as healthy as fresh, and can be more affordable if they’re out of season in winter.

2. Move

When it is cold it is sometimes really difficult to move. That's why we have come up with a few tips to motivate you to move, also when it it cold outside.

When you invest in waterproofs and warm boots and clothing you can keep walking outdoors. Making arrangements to go with someone else makes you more likely to enjoy it and go regularly. There are ways to exercise at home for free too. From hula hooping to dancing to your favorite music, make it fun for yourself!

3. Stay warm and cozy

Get out your favorite blankets and light the best smelling candles! Staying warm help your mental health as well!


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