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MEET: Stella Souiti

Shining as a Shift Leader in the F&B department of Rotterdam Marriott.

Stella Souiti make sure everything is going well during an evening shift with her staff. Three months ago she started here at Marriott and she feels already at home. 

''A hotel without happy guests is not an hotel'', says Stella. She really cares about the resut at the end of her shift: That guests leave satisfied and that the staff is healthy and happy. When it comes to serving food and drinks, you have to be alert in every shift. Everyday at 17 the staff comes together for a briefing and after she likes to check everything she needs to have prepared to serve a diner. 

Stella is born for this job as she always chose to do this work. She is always ready to manage stress when there is and tackles that with her calmness of heart. When she is working at Marriott she actually feels like she's going out, that's how much she likes her work. She confirms this by her quote: ''Only when you really like this job, you can be successful at it.''

In the future Stella would like to learn the Dutch language so she can communicate with her Dutch guests in Rotterdam with their nativelanguage, and because she wants to stay here in The Netherlands. Her dream is to open her own restaurant one day. In her spare time she loves to eat out together with her husband and spend a lot of time with her beloved dog. 

Thank you Stella, for preforming your passion here with us at Marriott! 

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