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MEET: Kim van Tatenhove - Event Marketing specialist

We all know W does things different, but what is it like to work at this truly unique and distinctive brand? Well, if you ask Kim van Tatenhove, “You never work if work is your hobby”.

"You are never working when work is your hobby"

Kim is event marketing specialist at W Amsterdam and joined the hotel as an intern when she was 20 years old. The ‘Amsterdammer’ grew up in a small village in Zeeland, but quickly decided that Koudekerke was not where she wanted to work. Kim wanted to do things different and fell in love with the hospitality industry and tried to land a position at the W hotel, she grew from Marketing Trainee to the position of event marketing specialist.

Her main task, ensure everything goes to plan, smooth and without hiccups, so people can have the most fun at all events hosted at W Amsterdam. She loves to make people smile, take care of guests and connect with others, basically the definition of hospitality 😉. As a real Espresso Martini lover you can often spot her in de Pijp, enjoying dinner and cocktails with friends. She does not only like to drink cocktails, but also loves to serve them since she has a part-time job as a waitress.

Kim has the habit of being completely addicted to new songs, putting them on repeat, listen 500 times and eventually be sick of it and never touch the song again. Well… let's be honest, who doesn’t? 🤐

Keep up the great work Kim! Excited to join this truly unique brand?

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