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  • Marriott Interview Advice Straight From Hiring Experts

    Do you have an upcoming interview with a Marriott recruiter? We get it, you’re excited, the stakes are high, and you’re confident you’re a good fit for the job. But how to let the interviewer know that, too? Don’t panic. We asked two Marriott HR experts who have each conducted hundreds of interviews for the company, the different ways in which a potential candidate can make a lasting impression and show they are the best person for the role. Relax, get a pen and paper and take notes. Here, you’ll be able to learn some easy-to-follow tips to let your experience shine and demonstrate you have the best attitude and qualities, not only to fill that position, but to thrive in the company. Good luck! 1. Show you care. What are the three top qualities you look for in a candidate? Alyssa: Number one, empathy. We are in the people business. Hotels are buildings but what makes a customer experience is the team that makes it memorable. We look for individuals that can empathize and are naturally caring individuals. If they have that – everything else falls into place. If they care about others, then they will do their best to resolve an issue and are aware that the quality of their work will impact the guest and fellow co-workers. Number two, being a team worker. We look for candidates who can collaborate and have positive relationships with their co-workers. Do they enjoy working in a team? We avoid a “it’s not my job” attitude. Everyone pitches in to help each other and makes for a positive work environment for all. Third, being a problem solver. Do they take ownership of a problem and look for solutions? Do they look for ways to constantly improve a process? Do they follow through to make sure it does get resolved? Problem solvers have a deep satisfaction in making things better. Renee: Great attitude and a passion to serve are always two of my top attributes! I always say I can teach you how to do the job, but I can’t teach you to care and have passion for what you do. I also greatly value any previous customer-facing or high-volume experience, as it shows me you know how to remain cool and calm under pressure and can think quickly on your feet. 2. Pay attention to your body language and how you communicate. What is an attitude, verbal or non-verbal, that lets you know someone is not a good fit for Marriott? Alyssa: We say that past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior. That is why our structured interview process is based on asking specific incidents or examples that candidates can share. If they demonstrate through these situational questions that they didn’t solve a problem and resorted to blaming others, or complaining about other team members, that is a red flag for us. Also, if the candidate is not professional in every step of the process – i.e. phone screening, asking for the hiring manager at the front desk, punctuality for the interview, those are all important impressions that are considered in the process. Grooming is also important. Body language and facial expression do count in relation to the role they are applying for. For example, if they are stoic and never smile during an interview for a Front Desk role; that will give me pause on whether they are a good fit for the job. If they don’t have a warm and positive disposition during an interview, then they can behave the same way at the Front Desk. Candidates have one chance to give us a great first impression. The same way goes for interviewers. We also need to give a great impression as candidates have a choice of what company to choose. Renee: Body language is everything in this business! If a candidate does not seem warm or welcoming during an interview — folded arms, lack of eye contact, no smile —, then I know they will give off the same energy to our guests. With body language being a majority of how we communicate, this is crucial! Grammar and spelling are also huge indicators of someone’s attention to detail. I can’t tell you how many people have spelled my name “Rene” vs “Renee” when emailing me (and my email has the correct spelling of my name, it’s like a built-in cheat code). I get the misspelling of my last name because it’s wild, but those small attention to details plus respecting someone’s name. For example, not calling them a nickname without their permission shows respect for their identity, which is a very valued skill in this business. 3. Show how you understand Marriott values. What are some ways in which a candidate can show you they understand Marriott’s culture? Alyssa: If they are curious about it. If they have no experience yet with the company, they can ask about the culture from the interviewer’s perspective. What do they like about working at Marriott? What are the company values that personally resonate with them? And then the candidate can add how in the past they have demonstrated those values. Also, if they can demonstrate an understanding of how important great customer service is. This is a primary goal in any hospitality company. Renee: Most of this becomes evident during the interview. Their answers often include examples of selflessness, stepping in to help others when things were busy, and generally being a great leader by being a team player. 4. Stand out by being specific. What are some ways in which a candidate can show you they have done their research ahead of the interview? Alyssa: They can share what they know of Marriott and why they are applying to that specific brand and location. Renee: They reference some of our various initiatives, our vision, our purpose. Many candidates will repeat this information verbatim, but not necessarily tie it into why it is important to them. I think that connection piece is valuable in showing true interest. 5. Make them remember you by being authentic. In your experience interviewing hundreds of candidates is there anyone that you particularly remember? Why? Alyssa: I do recall a Voyager that I interviewed last year. She asked about my own career journey with the company and then later communicated her own career goals by joining Marriott. I admire candidates that demonstrate not just an interest in the role they applied to but also to grow with the company. Renee: Any candidate that shares a moment where they went above and beyond to create a customer “wow” moment or creative thinking to problem solving. There have been many great examples through the years, but one that sticks out was a gentleman who was staying at the candidate’s hotel, and he was sad because he was missing Raksha Bandhan, a Hindu holiday that celebrates the relationship between brothers and sisters. The man told this candidate that during the holiday, there was an exchange of bracelets and you had to wear them until they broke or fell off. The candidate didn’t have access to a bracelet, but did have access to some string, so she quickly wove together a bracelet and presented it to the guest. The candidate told the guest she was sorry he couldn’t be with his sisters, but she would be his temporary sister while he was enjoying his home away from home. The guest was obviously moved by this small and simple gesture, and it just made such a massive impact for truly minimal effort. These are the incredible stories you get when working at a hotel. You get to learn about other cultures and traditions and can make someone’s day brighter, which is so fulfilling! 6. Be ready to challenge yourself. As an HR expert, do you have a golden rule or motto you live by? Alyssa: Experience is the teacher of all things. The salary, the title or position will come in time, but if there is an opportunity to expand your experience, take it. You will learn through that experience which will further your career and expand your network. Also, these experiences will shape you both personally and professionally. I’ve worked with the company for 24 years and now I am in an above property regional HR role with Marriott Select Brands. All the different experiences [I’ve had] and taking different challenges shaped me and helped me build lifelong friends and professional relationships. Renee: Just be yourself! Ultimately, we want our associates to be authentically them. If you’re not happy in the role you fill, it radiates from you and guests pick up on that. By being your authentic self, you’ll find the right brand, department, and property that you fit best with.

  • International Woman's Day and Woman History Month!

    Woman History Month is a celebration month that highlight woman around the world that have contributed to history, culture and society. This month is mainly celebrate in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia. Still, the United Nations designated March 8th, as International Woman’s Day, which can be applicable all around the world. Since 1987, Woman’s History Month has had annual themes. In 2024, the theme being highlighted is woman who advocate for equity, diversity and inclusion. Let’s learn about woman in history who have stood out for the dedication to equity, diversity and inclusion: Rosa Parks Rosa Parks was an American Activist that was part of the civil rights movement. She was part of the famous bus driver boycott where she intended to fight against bus segregation. She became a national symbol of the movement against segregation and was named by the United State Congress as the ‘first lady of civil rights.’ Anne Frank Anne Frank is a German-Jewish girl who was in hiding for a long time because of the Nazi persecution in the Netherlands. She is one of the most discussed Jewish victims in the holocaust as she kept a diary that described all the days in her life while she was hiding with her family in an Amsterdam attic. ‘The Diary of a Young Girl’ in which she documents her life from 1942-1944 is one of the most best-know books and has even been made as theatric plays. Anne Frank’s story has become so emblematic world wide that she is commemorated through status, memorials, charities, educational centers and her own museum in Amsterdam City Center. Marie Curie Marie Curie is a Polish-French Chemist and Physicist who specialized in the field on radioactivity. She discovered the elements of radium and[CI1]  polonium, which was set as groundbreaking knowledge for the advancements in the field of chemistry. She was the first woman in history to win a Nobel Prize, and one of the few people to win to of these prices in her lifetime. Despite this, physicists and chemist disregarded and questioned her discoveries for a long time. Marie Curie is one of the first leading and recognized woman scientists in the world. Her work opened opportunities for years to come to many woman who wanted to pursue a career as scientists. Alice Sheets Marriott Alice Sheets Marriott, born in Salt Lake City, Utah, is the co-founder on Marriott International Corporation. Her husband, J.W Marriott and her started their business of Root Beer as newlyweds. Alice found herself managing the business more than she initially intended by keeping the books, gathering recipes for the menu and taking charge of the decorations. As a mother of two, she was still took part in major decisions of the company and was present in events. With her keen attention to detail and wisdom, she helped build and manage the Marriott corporation to what it is today. In addition to her corporate responsibilities, she was also devoted her time to charities and civic institutions.

  • Inside Explore by Marriott Bonvoy: How Real Associates Use the Employee Discount

    To make associates’ vacations a little sweeter and a lot cheaper, Marriott proudly offers its associates Explore by Marriott Bonvoy. The Explore by Marriott Bonvoy program provides a special discounted room rate, food and beverage discounts and more at the company’s entire portfolio of over 30 hotel brands and 8,500+ properties worldwide. Additionally, associates are able to enroll in Marriott Bonvoy to earn member perks like points for free nights and other experiences. Below, see some examples of how and where real associates have used Marriott’s employee discount. What does it look like to use Explore by Marriott Bonvoy as an associate? Courtesy of Alecia M. “Every year I use the Explore Rate to celebrate my birthday. I have been able to travel to Thailand, London, Paris, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and more. This is one of the best perks. I moved to Houston, Texas less than a year ago and the Marriott discount allows me to travel back home to Atlanta much more often! I have also used the Marriott Explore Rate to take spontaneous weekend getaways with friends and family. It’s such a great way to make memories and explore new places without breaking the bank. The discount has allowed me to stay at some amazing Marriott properties and experience their top-notch hospitality. I am truly grateful for this benefit, it has definitely enhanced my travel experiences. Thank you, Marriott, for making it easier for me to see the world and create unforgettable memories!” Courtesy of Elijah B. “Thank God for the discount! I think the travel discount makes things easier to travel, especially as a college student,” says Elijah, a front desk agent and Johnson & Wales University student. “I love traveling to see the architecture of the building, the design layout, the rooms, and I love talking to employees like me to hear their backstory. I love hearing about people’s personal journeys and what made them choose the hotel industry. I got a chance to visit Boston Marriott Long Wharf and it was the best experience I ever had. I saw the R&B group New Edition at the TD Garden arena in Boston. Long Wharf is such a beautiful property and can’t wait to stay again!” Courtesy of Ben B. “I’m a marathoner and Marriott’s work-life balance enables me to train (since joining, I ran Boston in October ’21, Paris in April ’22, and I’ll run Boston again in April),” says Ben. “I stayed at a Marriott on that trip, taking advantage of the Explore Rate benefit!” Courtesy of Nick W. “I have used my Explore Rate to make life-long memories,” says VP of Engineering Nick, who just became a member of the Quarter Century Club after celebrating 25 years of employment with Marriott. “I have taken my daughter around the country to play softball. I have taken my son on hunting and fishing adventures. I have used it to meet my family over the holidays at the halfway point since we are so far apart. Lastly, and most importantly, I have used the Explore Rate to take my wife to some of our luxury resort beach locations our wedding anniversaries.” Courtesy of Brittany A. “The gift of travel and immersing myself in new surroundings is one of the benefits a career with Marriott has given me. Some of the places I’ve visited include Japan, Australia, China, Italy, Greece, Mexico, and several states and cities in the United States. Growing up with two parents who worked for Marriott, we were able to utilize travel discounts to explore new destinations from a very young age. Marriott Explore Rate has allowed me to develop an open mind and appreciate different cultures, taste extraordinary food, and experience genuine hospitality.” Who is eligible for Explore by Marriott Bonvoy? All Marriott associates at hotels and locations managed by Marriott and their eligible immediate family members are eligible to use Explore by Marriott Bonvoy. How do Marriott associates book a room using Explore by Marriott Bonvoy? Using the Explore by Marriott Bonvoy program as a Marriott associate is actually pretty easy. When booking a room with the Explore rate discount, associates just go to or the Marriott Bonvoy app, login to their Marriott Bonvoy account, and enter their desired destination, travel dates, up to two rooms and a special Explore Rate code (shared with Marriott associates only). Upon check-in at the hotel, additional documentation of associate status is required.

  • Meet Isak and Mirsad, the amazing members of the banqueting team!

    Discover the remarkable stories of two outstanding associates from the Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel. a) What is your motto? Isak, with unwavering enthusiasm, instantly responded, "Being and staying creative." Mirsad echoed, "Positivity is what guides my life. I am always positive and strive to remain so." What stands out is the striking similarity between Isak and Mirsad—they share the same values both in their personal lives and professional endeavors. At the core of their motivation lies a common thread that drives them both at home and at work: an unwavering commitment to staying motivated. In their pursuit of excellence, Mirsad and Isak embody the essence of creativity, positivity, and a shared motivation that propels them forward. b)      What is your role(s) and your responsibilities within the hotel? Mirsad assumes the role of Assistant Maitre d’hotel, a dynamic position that places him right in the heart of the action. Known for his hands-on approach, Mirsad not only assists his team but also takes charge in coordinating their efforts. His proactive involvement on the field reflects a dedication that goes beyond expectations. Mirsad meticulously oversees and follows up with the team, promptly addressing any issues that may arise. In instances of significant challenges, he collaborates with Isak to find effective resolutions. Isak, on the other hand, holds the position of Maitre d’hôtel, serving as the crucial link between the team on the field and the administrative offices. Once an event is confirmed by the events team, Isak steps in, collaborating with Mirsad to organize the team's schedule and provide essential instructions. With a team boasting an average of 25 years of experience, their synergy operates seamlessly. Even in Isak's absence, Mirsad adeptly takes the lead, ensuring continuity in operations. In the orchestration of their roles, Mirsad and Isak embody a harmonious blend of leadership, coordination, and a shared commitment to the success of the hotel's operations. c)       How long have you been within Marriott? In a proof to their enduring commitment, Isak and Mirsad have been working side by side within the Marriott family for an impressive 34 years. As we celebrate this remarkable milestone, Isak's anniversary falls on Tuesday, 6th of February, while Misrad will mark his milestone in June. Their remarkable journey mirrors the very essence of our Sheraton Brussels Airport hotel, which opened its doors 35 years ago. Isak and Misrad have been integral parts of our story, contributing their dedication and expertise since nearly the beginning. d)      What do you like most about your job? For Isak and Mirsad, the heartbeat of their profession lies in the lively energy that fills the hotel when it is bustling with guests. They thrive on the vibrancy that comes with a full hotel, bustling with a multitude of clients. Their preference leans towards larger events, finding joy in the intricate coordination and attentive care that such occasions demand. In their shared perspective, the dynamic atmosphere created by significant gatherings adds a special dimension to their roles. They express a genuine affinity for the challenges and rewards that come with managing larger events, as it allows them to showcase their coordination skills and provide exceptional service. e)      What are your future plans? Passions? In a testament to their profound satisfaction, both Isak and Mirsad express contentment with their current positions and the routine they have cultivated over their remarkable 34 years of service. Their dedication to maintaining the existing system and their roles reflects a genuine sense of fulfillment in their professional journey. While future plans might not be at the forefront, their passions outside of work add another dimensions to their lives. Mirsad finds joy in Sunday swims, savoring moments of tranquility in the water. On the other hand, Isak's enthusiasm extends to sports in general, with a specific passion for fitness and swimming. Their shared commitment to their roles and individual pursuits outside work showcases a harmonious balance between professional contentment and personal fulfillment. f)        What do you like to do in your spare time? Isak and Mirsad, both advocates of an active lifestyle, share a common affinity for sports, leisurely walks, and quality time spent with their families. As proud grandfathers, they find immense joy in caring for and creating precious moments with their grandchildren. Reflecting on the past, they acknowledge the transformative changes in the hospitality industry. Unlike the challenges of yesteryears, today allows them to seamlessly blend professional and family life. The evolution of the industry has empowered them to relish family moments without compromising their professional commitments. This delicate balance enables them to recharge their spirits, appreciating the richness that both personal and professional spheres bring to their lives. g)       What makes you special? Mirsad, with a perpetual smile and an innate sociability, radiates positivity in every interaction. His genuine love for social connections is evident, as he places extra care in fostering relationships and genuinely cherishes the essence of human connection. Isak, on the other hand, finds his uniqueness in his affinity for managing large gatherings, an objective seamlessly integrated into his day-to-day pursuits. His efficiency and capability to accomplish tasks with pride showcase his dedication to excellence. Beyond individual traits, both Mirsad and Isak attribute their specialness to the incredible team they are part of. The sense of camaraderie within the team, akin to a close-knit family, is a cherished aspect of their professional journey. Regular gatherings, whether as a team or with their families, have transformed colleagues into cherished family members, creating shared moments that extend beyond the workplace.

  • Meet Bram van Dolder

    Currently employed as an Engineer at The Den, ’s-Hertogenbosch, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel. With his belief that "you can do anything if you put your mind to it," Bram found his place within the dynamic world of hospitality at Marriott, specifically in engineering. Together with his colleague Simon, their responsibility is to ensure the seamless functioning of the hotel. His journey with Marriott started in 2022, marking a significant shift from IT to the vibrant atmosphere of hospitality. The variety in each day makes Bram happy. He enjoys facing new challenges and surprises, fostering an environment of constant learning and adaptability alongside his colleagues. Looking ahead, Bram approaches the future with a day-by-day philosophy, crafting plans in the moment. For now, he is very excited to stay with Marriott and The Den for a long period of time. In his spare time, he likes to go out with his friends and family for some drinks, watch movies—mainly old ones, with his all-time favourite being 'Goodfellas.' Most importantly, Bram loves playing and hanging out with his 3-year-old son. In the eyes of his colleagues, Bram is a true brand ambassador for The Den; always willing to help everyone and gather the team for fun activities. Thank you Bram, we are lucky to have such a positive mindset in our every day lives!

  • MEET: Stella Souiti

    Shining as a Shift Leader in the F&B department of Rotterdam Marriott. Stella Souiti make sure everything is going well during an evening shift with her staff. Three months ago she started here at Marriott and she feels already at home. ''A hotel without happy guests is not an hotel'', says Stella. She really cares about the resut at the end of her shift: That guests leave satisfied and that the staff is healthy and happy. When it comes to serving food and drinks, you have to be alert in every shift. Everyday at 17 the staff comes together for a briefing and after she likes to check everything she needs to have prepared to serve a diner. Stella is born for this job as she always chose to do this work. She is always ready to manage stress when there is and tackles that with her calmness of heart. When she is working at Marriott she actually feels like she's going out, that's how much she likes her work. She confirms this by her quote: ''Only when you really like this job, you can be successful at it.'' In the future Stella would like to learn the Dutch language so she can communicate with her Dutch guests in Rotterdam with their nativelanguage, and because she wants to stay here in The Netherlands. Her dream is to open her own restaurant one day. In her spare time she loves to eat out together with her husband and spend a lot of time with her beloved dog. Thank you Stella, for preforming your passion here with us at Marriott!

  • How to feel your best during cold days

    When summer is over, the leaf's fall down and the days are starting to get colder, it can be challenging to keep feeling like your best. We are here to help. Below you can read about our best tips on how to feel your best during those cold days. 1. Food We all know that eating a healthy balanced diet can help your immune system to work well. During cold times we sometimes have to help our immune system a bit in order we don't get a cold. it could really help to try to eat about t least five portions of fruit and vegetables per day. We invite you to have fun with food and try new healthy winter meals like homemade soups, stews, curries and casseroles packed with lots of vegetables. Remember that frozen or tinned fruit and vegetables (if there’s no added salt or sugar) are just as healthy as fresh, and can be more affordable if they’re out of season in winter. 2. Move When it is cold it is sometimes really difficult to move. That's why we have come up with a few tips to motivate you to move, also when it it cold outside. When you invest in waterproofs and warm boots and clothing you can keep walking outdoors. Making arrangements to go with someone else makes you more likely to enjoy it and go regularly. There are ways to exercise at home for free too. From hula hooping to dancing to your favorite music, make it fun for yourself! 3. Stay warm and cozy Get out your favorite blankets and light the best smelling candles! Staying warm help your mental health as well!

  • EXPLORE MORE: City trips with Maria

    Maria Leonard Martis Allround Shiftleader F&B at The Hague Marriott Hotel. She works at the hotel for 10 years now and started as an F&B associate. Maria loves to travel, and when she and her friend have a free weekend, they immediately seize the opportunity and book a city trip. Since she always uses the explore rate, which Marriott International offers to all associates, she also earns points in the Marriott Bonvoy programme. Currently she has the silver status and is only eleven nights away from reaching the gold tier. Maria is from the Dominican Republic but loves Europe, she likes to travel to the different places in Germany and Belgium but also likes to visit Paris and Barcelona. And with the explore rate and all the different Marriott hotels in Europe she will be entertained for a while! In Germany she likes to visit Dusseldurf and Berlin, the main focus of her short trips is really exploring the city. Maria, and the cities, really come alive at night. She loves the nightlife and this makes Berlin one of her favourite destinations. She slept at the Marriott hotel there but also visited the Renaissance hotel. When she was employee of the year she got a voucher and immediately booked a trip to Berlin. There she stayed at the Renaissance Hotel and was received as a true guest of honour. The hotel knew the reason for her visit and offered her exclusive access to the lounge. Maria always feels like she is being given an extra warm welcome! Her favourite Marriott International brands are Marriott and Renaissance hotels. Renaissance because they are also very focused on nightlife, exactly what Maria is looking for! When she visited the Renaissance hotel in Barcelona she asked one of the employees which bar in the city was recommended and the employee pointed to the bar behind the lobby, "Our bar of course!". She also has a personal connection to the Marriott brand, she has been working there for 10 years and enjoys comparing the different hotels around the world. She gets a lot of inspiration and once she is back she shares with colleagues what she has seen! Maria is far from finished travelling and I don't think she ever will be. Her next trip is already planned, this time a bit further away from Europe. She is going to visit the A Loft in Dubai, have fun! She also wants to go to Hawaii one day.

  • EXPLORE MORE: Valencia with Matthijs

    Any plans for the weekend? Matthijs Vellekoop, Assistant Front Desk Manager at Sheraton Amsterdam Airport, has some great tips! As an associate of Marriott International, you benefit from many advantages, including the explore rate. With the explore rate you get a discount on your stay at the many different Marriott International hotels! You will enjoy everything Marriott has to offer, discover the most beautiful destinations while not even paying the full price. Matthijs booked a trip to Valencia and stayed at the Palacio Santa Clara Autograph Collection. “To escape the cold and dark Amsterdam we booked the Palacio Santa Clara, Autograph Collection in Valencia for the last weekend of January. Unfortunately, the pandemic thought otherwise and we had to postpone the trip, one day before departure with a month to the last weekend of February.” They started their trip the right way, with some drinks at Commune Restaurant at Sheraton Amsterdam Airport. The weather in Valencia was great and the city beautiful. Exploring all the hidden gems in the city and discovered Valencia the Dutch way, by bike! Cycling through the beautiful surroundings of the city, enjoying every minute. “The best thing about the hotel was the a la carte explore breakfast which we enjoyed both days!” When you work at Marriott International the world is at your feet, what is your next destination? Discover the most amazing destinations and hotels using the explore rate! Book a fun little getaway from the daily rush and start exploring with Marriott International.

  • MEET: Angie Steenbergen - Human Resources Voyager

    MEET: Angie. She is one of the future leaders of Marriott International and currently Human Resources Voyager at the Amsterdam Marriott Hotel. Learn more about her story and the Voyage program in this article! Voyage, the award-winning global leadership development program by Marriott International. With 8000 hotels across the world, spread over a diverse portfolio of 30 different brands the possibilities to learn and develop are endless! The program takes 12 – 18 months and prepares new talents to be the future leaders of the organization. Voyage is the ultimate opportunity for recent university graduates and provides a combination of practical hands-on experience and leadership training. As a voyager you can choose from a range of different departments such as: Accounting & Finance, Engineering, Culinary, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, Revenue Management and more! Together with a Coach and Champion you will be prepared for an entry level management position in the desired department. You learn all the ins- and outs of the job and the hotel trough interdepartmental rotations. Additionally you can build a strong international network with global colleagues and senior leaders! Angie is one of those Voyagers and currently works at the Amsterdam Marriott Hotel in the Human Resources department. Angie, originally from Hong Kong but lives in The Netherlands since she was 3 years old, discovered her passion for hospitality at a young age. Years later she still had that spark and chose to study Hotel Management at the Breda University of Applied Sciences. Angie is not new at Marriott International as she was first introduced to the organization during her internship at Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort & Spa in Dubai. After she experienced Marriott International and the great diversity in cultures amongst employees she knew that this could be something for her future. Knowing that she wanted to explore the company and hospitality industry more she signed-up for the Voyage program. She landed at the Amsterdam Marriott Hotel where the team is delighted to have her on board. Goodluck with the Voyage program and most importantly have a great time Angie! Want to know more about the Voyage program? Visit the website.

  • MEET: Sanne Lindeman - multi-property HR Manager

    Sanne is Human Resources Manager Renaissance Amsterdam Airport & Moxy Hoofddorp At certain moments in your career, you meet someone that sparkles your energy and passion for the business - Sanne Lindeman is that someone. Right off the bat Sanne starts talking about the hotel business, she chats about the industry she lives for. An energy that attracts lots of new talents to her existing and upcoming hotels. My career in hospitality started at the Sheraton Hotel at Schiphol Airport as a Human Resources Trainee. During my interview, I expressed my wish to learn everything there is to know in the human resources department of a hotel. I soaked up as much information as possible to turn the internship into a success. Is that what you recommend the starters of today? Definitely! Another piece of advice I would give is to study the size and structure of the HR office. In some hotels, such as mine right now, HR is more an advising role where Head of Departments do a lot of HR aspects themselves. HR is in these cases more on the side instead of participating in the day-to-day operation. For larger hotels, such as Sheraton, the HR department consists out of different HR roles and each role has its own responsibility. They are in that sense more supporting the operations by taking care of the HR aspects completely. Obviously, it does depend on the aspects you want to learn, but I wanted to learn from a specialist in every field. In some hotels, HR is more an advising role where Head of Departments do a lot of HR aspects themselves. HR is more on the side instead of participating in the day-to-day operation. And did you learn everything you wanted? You can never learn everything during one internship, but I had the opportunity to stay working at the hotel as the HR coordinator. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, I had to leave the Sheraton and moved to Moxy/Residence Inn Houthavens and at the same time opened the Radisson Suites in Amsterdam South. This was certainly an experience I did not want to miss. The Radisson was a very special product with amazing people. This experience was new to me as I was used to working for Marriott International. Radisson has fewer standards, which gave us the opportunity to put our own signature on the day-to-day activities of the HR department. Finally, I started my current position as HR Manager for the Renaissance Amsterdam Airport Hotel and the Moxy Hoofddorp, continuing my work experience with Marriott. What can you tell us about the new project in The Hague? We are currently opening a dual-brand hotel in The Hague. This will bring together Marriott’s long stay brand ‘Residence Inn’ and the playful ‘Moxy’ to the Muzentoren in The Hague. A great location right in the middle of the political area, ideal for Residence Inn, and very close to multiple attractions – fitting the young traveling guests of Moxy. We are currently opening a dual-brand hotel in The Hague. This will bring together Marriott’s long stay brand ‘Residence Inn’ and the playful ‘Moxy’ to the Muzentoren in The Hague. Is this the first new-build hotel you are working for? Yes, but the Radisson Suites Amsterdam South was an opening as well. However, the Radisson was a re-build, where offices were refurbished into guestrooms. The biggest contrast with the project in The Hague is that only the outside walls of the Muzentoren remained and the rest was formed from the ground-up. Also, the vision of Marriott on the Moxy brand is interesting to witness firsthand. To really pursue the Moxy brand you have to make sure the rooms are the same in all Moxy Hotels all over the world. Our building is spacious what would be ideal for larger guest rooms, but now we have larger corridors and regular-sized rooms. You have started the hiring process, what are you looking for? At the moment we have 3 open positions. But we will start hiring the operational teams very soon. If you like combining tasks instead of only working for Front Office or just for F&B and you’d like to specialize in both, the Muzentoren is the ideal place! We will train our people to be flexible to work in multiple positions in the hotel. No day will be the same! If you like combining tasks instead of only working for Front Office or just for F&B and you’d like to specialize in both, the Muzentoren is the ideal place!

  • MEET: Laura Gross - Revenue Manager at the Renaissance Amsterdam Hotel

    About Laura Born and raised in Germany, Laura grew up in a small historical town east of Frankfurt. When she finished high school at the age of 16, her teacher recommended her to consider a career in hospitality (they are still in contact and have to laugh about how right she was!) and she decided to try it out. Laura does not have a typical career path: she never went to university, nor has a bachelor or master’s degree. She built her career on working experience, being generally a very curious person and always paying attention to her co-workers, being eager to learn new things and constantly pushing herself out of her comfort zone and challenging herself to do better. "She built her career on working experience, being a very curious person and eager to learn new things." Can you explain us your career? I started out as an intern in housekeeping, stewarding and F&B, where I learned all hotel operations from A-Z within three years; and found my interest in F&B (good food, delicious wines and fantastic service!). At the age of 19, I spent over two years working in F&B as a supervisor in a fine dining restaurant. I made the decision to move to Hamburg to improve my competencies and skills in the room’s discipline of a hotel, and found a job as a Front Desk Agent. Curious to learn more, I moved to the reservations department. Looking back, I would say this decision was the kickstart of my current career path. Making promotions towards assistant reservations manager, I discovered my passion for the other department I was sharing my office with: revenue management. Inspired by the revenue manager at that hotel, I took a position as revenue analyst in the Westin Hamburg. After almost three years there, I came across the revenue manager vacancy at the Renaissance Amsterdam Hotel and immediately grabbed the phone to show my interest. "Curious to learn more, I moved to the reservations department. Looking back, I would say this decision was the kickstart of my current career path." Why did you move to Amsterdam? Amsterdam is the perfect combination of an interesting market to work in and an amazing city to explore after work: “The water, canals, bridges, the fantastic gastronomy, cultural offers (brilliant museums!), the historical scenery, green parks, cute boutiques, flower season, bicycle culture and last but not least; the extremely open minded and lovely people from all over the world make life in Amsterdam so enjoyable for me!” What are the tasks of a revenue manager? As revenue manager, Laura is responsible for various tasks: from setting the correct pricing strategy to identifying market trends. Pricing, forecasting, preparing the hotel budget, improving our hotel strategy and at the end – maximize the total hotel revenue. No day is the same! During the pandemic, revenue teams had to start from scratch several times and were constantly quickly adapting to new circumstances, but Laura always remained positive. Brainstorming about creative action plans, hearing the different point of views of all hotel departments, implementing new ideas and seeing the positive results of those actions was something that always motivated her. "What I enjoy the most is explaining other people the exciting world of revenue management!"

  • MEET: Kim van Tatenhove - Event Marketing specialist

    We all know W does things different, but what is it like to work at this truly unique and distinctive brand? Well, if you ask Kim van Tatenhove, “You never work if work is your hobby”. "You are never working when work is your hobby" Kim is event marketing specialist at W Amsterdam and joined the hotel as an intern when she was 20 years old. The ‘Amsterdammer’ grew up in a small village in Zeeland, but quickly decided that Koudekerke was not where she wanted to work. Kim wanted to do things different and fell in love with the hospitality industry and tried to land a position at the W hotel, she grew from Marketing Trainee to the position of event marketing specialist. Her main task, ensure everything goes to plan, smooth and without hiccups, so people can have the most fun at all events hosted at W Amsterdam. She loves to make people smile, take care of guests and connect with others, basically the definition of hospitality 😉. As a real Espresso Martini lover you can often spot her in de Pijp, enjoying dinner and cocktails with friends. She does not only like to drink cocktails, but also loves to serve them since she has a part-time job as a waitress. Kim has the habit of being completely addicted to new songs, putting them on repeat, listen 500 times and eventually be sick of it and never touch the song again. Well… let's be honest, who doesn’t? 🤐 Keep up the great work Kim! Excited to join this truly unique brand? Discover the open positions at W Amsterdam

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